:: 2nd World-Wide SketchCrawl ::

Enrico Casarosa declared March 6, 2005 as the Second World-Wide SketchCrawl Day. I joined some other friends to wander the city and draw. By coincidence, this was also the date of the Southeast Portland ArtWalk, a weekend when local artists open their homes and invite the locals to come by and look at their artwork. We saw a lot of great art by artists like Dawn Phelps McConnell, Alycia Allen Tolmach, Nim Xuto, Ronald Burch, and Cynthia Mooney. Our group had a good time drawing, visiting with the various artists and wandering the quiet, peaceful streets old Portland.

Click the images for a high-resolution version. If you have any corrections, just email "argh AT angstorm DOT com".

Table of Contents

We started the day with breakfast at the Berlin Inn, a family-owned, old-style German eatery. The food was fantastic and authentic, the staff were very friendly and helpful too. The interior was decorated with pastel drawings of the Fatherland and an endless variety of wine bottles. Our group should have called ahead for reservations, but with some creativity, we crowded nine people into a nook made for six. It was cozy.

One of the houses we passed by. The owners collected a baffling range of knicknacks, ranging from dismembered maniquines to gold-painted headphones.

Read the sign. SE Ladd Avenue intersects itself. Really, it does.

Sketching on the lawn: Arashikami, Greg Epkes, Liska, and Jessica.

I couldn't get both of them to look up at the same time. Also note the charming domestic drama in the upper left-hand corner.

Liska and Jessica drawing.

Me, Jonathan (Uloo), and Jessica.

The "Sisters of Reparation". Note the white crosses on the window shutters.

The cherry trees were in full bloom. On this tree, leaves and flowers were coming straight out of the trunk.

A painted flowerpot by Dawn Phelps McConnell, I thought these were very cool.

What's more fun than monkeys and a barrel? Three interlocked ceramic monkies hanging from a tree over a barrel in the front yard of sculptor Michelle Gallagher.

There was a big black rooster calmly patrolling the front yard of a house. There was no fence, but he stayed on his turf. When I got too close, he chased me off. I'm not sure how he fends off cats and dogs though.

¡Pollos Vivos!

In the UK aliens make crop circles. In Oregon they paint and tag fire hydrants.

"Fishicle: The chunky blended drink."

The gentleman that built these fascinating contraptions happened to wander into the front yard, wearing a dandy snow white safari hat. He explained that the vehicle with the white plastic drums behind the fish was called the "Ross Island Explorer". He and some friends drove it down the road, off the pier, through the Willamette River and camped out on Ross Island. Cool.

My Drawings
After my group went home, I drew a nearby concert hall...

...and of one of Portland's many bridges.

These are the trees across the street from that lawn where I took all the photos of us.

There was this frightening baby puppet at the coffee shop that simply needed to be drawn.

Our barista at the cafe, based very heavily on Jonathan's drawings.
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